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>> howdy, folks. welcome to studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan in rockefeller center. we had a busy weekend. thanks for joining us. >> we have to go to headlines right away because if you're following the news over the weekend, you know there's a big storm in bermuda. power out right now across bermuda this morning as hurricane igor pounds this island with heavy rain and high winds. the cat one storm came ashore with furious waves and 75-mile-per-hour winds when it passed about 40 miles to the west. now, it's not expected to hit the united states but could kick up dangerous surf and a little rip current. more than 1,000 people have been evacuated now as dangerous wildfires ripped through the state of utah. at least 300 acres are burning around the town of harriman as firefighters struggled to get it under control, the fire started at a nearby national guard base after an artillery training session. soldiers apparently didn't have the manpower or equipment to quickly put out the flames.
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iran is now suggesting a prisoner swap with the united states after releasing american hiker sarah shourd, iran wants the u.s. now to free eight iranians expected of smuggling weapons technology. iran posing to swap at shourd's fiance and their friend remain in an iranian prison. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime. and we are not spies. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says they should still stand trial. update now on the health of the lockerbie bomber who you remember was released from prison because of his terminal prostate cancer. well, now, abdelbaset ali al-megrahi can reportedly get out of bed and walk. the information is coming from the father of a lockerbie bombing victim that recently met with al-megrahi at a hospital. he was released last year on
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compassionate grounds after doctors claimed he only had about three months to live and those are your headlines. >> just that statement alone, this guy murders all these people and we're worried about him dying with a degree of dignity? >> that's a miracle! >> so, ok, what a shocker. meanwhile, this is going on in new york city right now. >> on the other side of where we're sitting right now is a building like that. and world leaders gathering here in new york city as the united nations general assembly meetings get under way. it happens every year. kelly wright is in washington with a preview of coming gridlock for the big apple. >> good time to be in the city of the big apple. leaders from 192 countries convene this year's united nations general assembly. this week, world leaders will focus on how to deal with the world's problems. 10 years ago, the u.n. sent goals to combat poverty and overcome it by the year 2015 or at least to cut it in half.
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that was the topic of discussion sunday during the u.n.'s millennium goals summit. u.n. secretary general says there are still major shortfalls in meeting the goals especially in places like africa. also, among the world leaders attending the general assembly gretchen was just talking about them, it's iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad and, of course, secretary of state hillary clinton will be there as well. iran and the united states are headed for a week-long debate, war of words during the general assembly between these two nations. you can look for that. we will be following that and discuss it more the next hour so make sure you're staying right here to join us then as we talk about secretary of state hillary clinton and iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. back to you. >> all right, kelly wright in the bureau, thank you very much for that live report. >> all right. we got it find out now what's going to be happening. we have six weeks and counting until the mid-term elections so what are the democrats going to do? after all, it's not barack obama that's -- that's up for election. it's a bunch of different candidates across this great land of ours. if you're the white house,
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you're considering an attack that would be centrally locateded in the white house against the entire g.o.p. is that something that democrats feel they can benefit from? paint the g.o.p. as radical? taken over by the tea party ready to return us to a period in which we don't want to return to? >> apparently they're weighing the option of having national advertisements now that would go out 43 days from now before the mid-term elections but guys, i got to say, the g.o.p. in a certain sense has handed them their talking points on a silver platter. because there's been discontent within the g.o.p. since the elections last week and you have, you know, look at lisa murkowski in alaska, she was lost to jim miller and now she'll be a write-in candidate. you have g.o.p. and tea party now going against each other in the same state. those are talking points handed right to the democrats. >> well, the democrats are divided on whether or not this whole ad by either by the d.n.c. or some other branch of the democrat party is a good idea
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because the last thing they want to do is nationalize this election and make it about barack obama. they want to -- you know, they want to keep it about local people and, in fact, a number of democrats on the state level and the federal level as well are saying look, don't spend the money on some great big ad buy. by the way, it's a story right here, page 1 in "the new york times," spend it on our races because we're up against it right now. >> it's interesting because our reporters at the white house have been talking to senior aides within the obama administration and they're saying right now, they're denying this big article in "the new york times" this morning. the white house says we have no plans it do this, at least not for now. stay tuned. >> right. if the local men and women don't want it, why would the white house force them on it? they say i want them to vote for them a you. they have a plan and that's to stop barack obama's agenda by starving it of money. here's bill clinton on what the
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g.o.p. would do if they do come out victorious at least with one chamber after november 2nd. >> i think it would increase his chances of being re-elected. whether it would be good for the country or not, i don't know. >> he's talking about the tea party movement. more and more tea party candidates, whether or not that would be good for the country is up for debate but may encourage people to come out and vote for barack obama in 2012. i don't think you're going to make any predictions for 2012. see how many changes we've made. >> that's president clinton saying what if barack obama does his part, the democratic party does lose the house or the senate, would it be better for the president's agenda? >> right, and one of the things that would be bad for the president's agenda is if it would be undone, on how apparently the republicans would like to essentially starve off the funding for some of the big
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items from the president's agenda thus far. for instance, one of the things they could do is block -- this is if they become the majority party. they could block the funds to hire new i.r.s. agents needed to enforce the health care tax, you know, increases and stuff like that. also, they could bar spending for a new board that approves medicaid spending cuts as well as research that compares the effectiveness of medical procedures. so all this stuff that is required by the health care reform that was passed by the -- largely the democratic congress, they would undo by putting them on an allowance and not giving them the cash. >> that's one of the main things of the tea party, stop the spending. you had one of the major candidates defending the tea party yesterday. >> they're finding out it's the party that's knocking off republicans left and right. >> right now, they've elected a lot of people who are articulate and attractive.
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but it's not clear what their specifics are. >> i think the tea party movement and at this point, i think it's still a movement and not a party with an agenda, has tapped into an anxiety and anger that exists throughout the country. >> so every person who takes up a sign and goes to a tea party rally, there are thousands of americans who agree with them. >> that's all right. some of them were against the tea party movement. >> bill clinton really is so -- is that more politician? i don't know how he really feels but he did get out and he refused to say anything negative. he said it reflects the feeling of a lot of americans that they are getting the shaft. so he is not like many democrats who want to laugh and mock the tea party. he's seeing something in the message but colin powell goes on to say it's a lot easier to express anger, let's see if he can do it in action and actual legislation. >> right. because the thing about bill clinton is he could always feel the pain and a lot of americans are in pain right now. that's one of the reasons that the tea party movement has taken off. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about christine o'donnell, there was a little bit of a tempest in a teapot over the
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weekend where bill maher on his show released video from 1999 when christine o'donnell talked about when she was in high school, she knew this young boy and he was in witchcraft. she said she dabbled in witchcraft and went to movie and had something on an altar and crazy thing like that. over the weekend she went to a picnic in southern delaware and explained what she was talking about. >> that witchcraft comment on bill maher, i was in high school! how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? but no, there's been no witchcraft since. if there was, karl rove would be a supporter now.
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>> let's put that to rest and move on what we're going to do. >> did that not sound like a sar why palin line coming out of your mouth? i think sarah palin gave her that line. i know you're close and they've been tweeting back and forth with each other and sarah palin is tweeting on her behalf in her support. think about the vampire movies that are so popular. imagine if somebody is interviewed on that right now and then 15 years later, they decide to run for office and play that clip, it's the same thing. in my mind, it's the same thing. and number 3 is we live in an age of facebook now and tweeting and e-mail, this is one of the first candidates that's going to pay the price for that. anyone running for political office is going to have to answer to any one of those little things. >> good point on the vampire thing and for example, i think a lot of people are doing things in their 20's that they'll regret. for example, in 10, 15 years if katy perry is running for
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office, she'll have a lot of videos to talk down. keep this in mind, the big picture, when you think of christine o'donnell and karl rove is as good as it gets in terms of projecting elections she is ahead and closer right now to the democratic candidate that scott brown was to the democratic candidate in massachusetts six weeks out. >> sure. one other thing regarding the tape that she taped for that show, he said i have 22 more tapes and i'll play them one at a time until you come on my show. people down in delaware apparently aren't backing away from her. the executive director of the 912 delaware patriots says they're going to be pulling for straws from the sky to do anything to stop this momentum and they don't realize it's not going to work. >> all right. we'll no doubt be talking about it on a daily basis here for 43 more days.
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in the meantime, former secretary of state colin powell says things aren't looking good in afghanistan. he claims america may be losing that war. army insider weighs in on those comments next. >> frank luntz is recruiting celebrities to deliver his message. we'll hear their ideas coming up. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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6:16 am
we are clearing an area. but you really don't defeat the taliban by clearing an area. they move. and so i cannot tell how well it's going. my concern is that it also is resting on the very weak base with the karzai government, the corruption in the karzai government. >> joining us is a former u.s. army special forces captain and current national guard special forces captain benjamin collins who served three tours in afghanistan. good morning to you. you would know something about the territory over there and one of the things you were discussing in the commercial break is that you're not so sure that anyone should use the word winning right now. it's hard to define. >> it is. it's very hard and winning would mean that we would actually be able to create metrics and then measure have we met these metrics? are we actually making progress towards a clear, attainable goal and right now, that's something that everybody is struggling to define. what exactly is it going to mean to win in afghanistan? >> they talk about petraeus doing the reverse in iraq,
6:17 am
empowering the tribemen in the areas and diffusing the central government a little bit and overcoming what's bothering colin powell. >> absolutely. i think there's a tremendous hesitation. i think afghans are used to being ruled, not governed so afghans have almost a fear for that national government and that tends, i think, to look very much at the corruption that you see at the national level. there's also a lot of corruption at the local level. so for them, i think it's -- we're arguing over two different types of governance. >> the reason that's difficult is the americans are trying to get the afghans to join with them in this fight, right? >> correct. >> and at the same time, try to root out the taliban. but one of the arguments that general powell seems to be making is the taliban is going to run to another location. >> it is. and i would agree with that in that i've always made the analogy that going after the taliban is kind of like taking a hammer to an anthill, you know, you're going to get a nice little section of ants but they're going to scurry into the train. >> but the reality is the taliban and the reality you
6:18 am
witnessed, i understand, it's not popular. not popular with the people of afghanistan and more popular when they were in power. >> no, it's not. i understand we can't be everywhere as an army. state department can't be everywhere within afghanistan. the taliban live amongst the population. it's their neighbors. it's their friends so we can't be there all the time. we leave the village. they're -- >> they come right back. >> they have consequences. >> you mentioned during the commercial break that keep in mind that general powell was the secretary of state when some of these policies were enacted and these wars started. when you see them say these types of things, you factor that into why he says those types of things? >> absolutely. i go that this is general powell, the author of the powell doctrine. there are two parts that play in force here. is there a clear, attainable goal and defined exit strategy? i think in afghanistan, we've had that mission creep where what is it we're trying to do?
6:19 am
are we going to disrupt operations and bring a western style of governance that isn't ready for democracy? >> we had elections and about six million people show up, 24% of the population so they say although 21 died, it was a lot smoother so far than the last election six months ago. >> i think it was smoother. however, voter turnout was down from the presidential election. and i think fraud is going to have something significant to play in this. i should note, though, that the violence that we did see wasn't so much against the political candidates and political candidates but it was more so against the voters. >> ben collins, good job. thanks for your service. >> thank you very much. you're welcome. >> double dose of the clintons as they both hit the tv talk shows. what's behind their tv blitz? and what it could mean for the democratic party. >> discuss that after the break. >> sorry, gretchen. under way right now, muslim summit to discussion what should
6:20 am
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>> couple of quick headlines for you now. president obama stumping for democratic senate candidate joe sestak. that's going to happen in philadelphia later today. sestak is locked in a tight race with republican pat toomey. they had backed long time candidate arlen specter and apparently offered him another position to get him out of the race. democrats in the senate are reviving the plan now to give september 11th first responders discounted health care. they're going to attach the funds to a war spending bill. that will be up for a vote this week. steve? >> thanks, gretch. one of the most powerful political couples made the sunday talk show rounds yesterday. >> there are five million people who could go to work
6:24 am
tomorrow if they were trained to do the jobs that are open. we need to go to work on these things and get some action there. >> so we stand ready to engage with iran. you know, there's a way out of the sanctions. there's a way out of increasing program from the international community. >> so there you have secretary of state hillary clinton challenging reigning president mahmoud ahmadinejad ahead of the united nations visit and former president bill clinton back in campaign mode as he prepares to stump for dems. but what are they both doing on tv at the same time? joining us right now, screen left, republican political strategist and alicia menedez, democrat political strategist and senior advisor at a political think tank. let's start with you. perhaps the biggest threat to president obama in his party is the clintons, right? >> well, clintons will always do what's best for the clintons much that's rule number one for the clintons. i see hillary making a run for
6:25 am
president. she's always wanted to and bill is standing in for her as her stalking horse which he's always done by mutual arrangement. >> you see hillary making a run in 2012? >> well, either that or obama is probably going to kick biden upstairs to the supreme court and put her on as vice president. that's probably the only way out. >> alicia just had a giggle in our bureau. >> i also saw the tooth fairy slip a box under my pillow last night. i think that's ridiculous. i think hillary clinton is doing a wonderful job as secretary of state. i think if there were any way to show on the 2012 ticket, it would be as a running mate. i think joe biden is doing a wonderful job as vice president and i just -- i don't even know where the story has come from. >> hey, alicia, ok, if hillary is being the good soldier and out there working for the president and only the current president, why, then, at that
6:26 am
council of foreign relations meeting did she say the national debt is hurting national security? that's a hit over her boss's head. >> i don't think that's a hit at all. >> what? >> i think president obama would agree with that. i think in general, what the parties tend to disagree with about is priorities. i think democrats agree that right now the priority needs to be on getting the economy back on track and the deficit is an issue that certainly needs to be addressed. i don't think there's any question about that. >> you do believe in the tooth fairy, don't you? >> mallory, what do you think about that slam where she said national debt is hurting national security? >> well, she came right out and said that it poses a threat to national security which is -- which is really going to hurt her boss. she's moving to the center. she knows that there's an opportunity in the center. the only thing that has worse ratings than obama is the congress and a lot of people are going to change in that and she wants to be there ready to take
6:27 am
charge. >> alicia? >> i just -- again, i just don't believe that this is true. i think she's going to support president obama's agenda. listen, he's got more done the past two years whether or not you agree with it than most administrations passing a sweeping overhaul of the health insurance industry, actually reformed our financial system. he's going to have so much to run on in two years and i think she is going to be there beside him as a surrogate and nothing more. >> all right. the fact that they were both on the television shows yesterday just a coincidence. >> mean there are good tv bookers out there. >> yes, i guess so. we have some as well. we have the both of you, mallory and alicia, thank you both for joining us live today. >> thank you so much. what do you think? do you agee with that? e-mail us now. meanwhile, celebrities weigh in on the future of our democracy. >> and the bill of rights is not about law. it is a picture of our future moral character.
6:28 am
>> that was richard dreyfuss. frank luntz hears from hollywood in a special panel coming up. and should we be using taxpayer money to send illegal aliens to our country's top colleges? it could happen thanks to a bill being floated by harry reid. and happy birthday to sophia loren, the italian movie icon turns 76 fantastic years old today. happy birthday. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪ ♪ we need to finish tho projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. wh you ship with fedex, you can work rht up until the lastinute. it gives you re time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need tspeak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex.
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>> welcome back, everyone. half past the hour. time for a couple of quick headlines for you. the leader of a small california religious group is being held now for questioning. after fears of a possible mass suicide. he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. all members of the group were found alive resting under a pine tree at a park. they say they are ok and had no plans to kill themselves. >> you see me? i'm ok. my son, the dogs, everybody is ok. we eat like you guys, we drink the same soda that you do. we don't see nothing bad. >> authorities came looking after one of the group members' husbands reported the women and children missing and found notes talking about meeting up with jesus and dead relatives. >> meanwhile, the largest paper of dangerous mexican border city now begging drug cartels for a truce after a second journalist
6:33 am
has been killed. and a front page editorial, the newspaper is asking the cartels for demanding so it can continue its work without further death for intimidation of its staff. it was the newspaper's second editorial since gunmen attacked two photographers on thursday, one died, the other seriously hurt. >> all right. for those 33 trapped miners in chile, it's now on to plan c. the new strategy involves a huge oil drill that could dig about 100 feet a day. the miners are 2300 feet under the ground. if everything goes well, they could be out as early as mid october. original projections have them underground until around christmas. i'm not sure. did anyone tell them this? >> how horrible. the alaska senate race heating up now. now that republican senator lisa murkowski is running as a write-in candidate setting up a three-ray race. they were in attack mode on the sunday talk shows. >> he is suggesting to us in my opinion and main the opinion of
6:34 am
many, many alaskans some pretty radical things. we dumped social security. no more medicare. let's get rid of the department of education. >> the views that we had expressed during this campaign are the views that the future of the state needs to embrace so i think really she has a real disconnection from reality in thinking that the voters in alaska are extreme. >> ly with, there's also a third person in that race, democrat scott mcadams is in the race, too, you probably won't hear as much about that. three way race, though. time for weather. >> yeah, here's something you're hearing a lot about and that is hurricane igor. you can see that little dot just to the south of that big blob that is moving to the north and to the east. that is what is left of it. overnight, this is very big hurricane. lashed bermuda overnight, winds 70 to 90 miles an hour. conditions will improve throughout the day as it moves away. there are, however, deadly rip currents all along coastal u.s.
6:35 am
from florida right up into the great state of maine. take a look at what's happening in the 48 connected states as you can see some widely scattered showers from the rio grande valley right through portions o of the gulf coast. also some stuff out west. but if you are in the eastern time zone or the central time zone for the most part, things are nice and dry. temperatures as you head out the door currently, we have a lot of 60's and 70's across the map. 62 right now here in the big town. about the same for raleigh. 71 in atlanta. 74 in the beautiful city of dallas. meanwhile, today, it's going to be hot. if you're in memphis, 100 is going to be the daytime high. we're going for 93 in new orleans and tampa, about the same for atlanta. here in new york city, 76. meanwhile in rapid city, 81. that's a quick look at the weather. >> let's take a look at the sports action or let's not. >> some of the action or inaction when it comes to giant offense and the viking offense, lot of great action in the nfl on sunday. we start in indianapolis with
6:36 am
the manning bowl starring eli and peyton. eli would have won. he felt bad for his older brother who went and tossed three touchdowns. he's gotten very lucky. hasn't done anything in his career to this point. one to reggie wayne and put the colts up in the second half. they go on to win 38-14. watch this bizarre moment. after giant running back brandon jacobs throws his helmet into the stands, when it ricochetted off the bench, well, the guy would not give up his helmet and he wanted it as a souvenir. but then eventually he had to give it back. jacobs has a bit of a temper. he says you're not going to back in the game. i don't like your attitude. what's one the giants? they didn't look good either. that was the one good moment. up -- what's up with the cowboys? they dropped to 0-2 after a stunning home loss to the bears that have discovered an offense and jay cutler discovered his touch. three touchdown strikes for him.
6:37 am
bears went out to a 2-0 start and beat the cowboys who are 0-2. tony dungy will be on a little bit later and talk about where he picked him to win the super bowl. bret favre had three interceptions overall and a fumble. bad time to miss training camp. dolphins still would beat them 14-10 and still the vikings had a chance but they would not come up. they are now 0-2 and miami is now 2-0. college football now, where this fake field goal that you're going to see in overtime gave michigan state a heart-stopping stunner over notre dame saturday night. it also gave the spartans head coach a heart attack literally. he was hospitalized after experiencing chest pains shortly after the celebration was over. he underwent surgery to free up a blocked blood vessel. doctors say he'll be ok. ron treadwell will take over in the interim. two hard luck losses to note
6:38 am
irdame. coming up on -- coming up on this program a little bit later, you got two super bowl champions, tony dungy who used to be an assistant with the steelers and jerome bettis and coming up on "kilmeade & friends" from 9:00 to noon, bret baier, and a player to be named later. >> what -- i have a sports item for you. what was the most irritating part of the world cup, this past world cup? >> the stupid horn. >> yeah. >> at the high school that is in my backyard they're starting to use them. >> oh, no! >> so all through the night we're watching tv. >> unbelievable. only thing i would do for you, steve. >> is move! >> no, you go shopping where you're going to see phil simms. >> phil simms' son starred at the school right behind you. you could have him use the power of chris and his other son in
6:39 am
tennessee. what's his other son's first name? thanks for playing. they could stop it. >> you know what? phil simms actually helped raise the money for the lights. if phil simms simply turned out the light, i wouldn't hear them at bedtime. >> would say for now to invest in a few ear plugs. >> i think they go through ear plugs. >> ok. >> well, either that or can't you call 311? isn't that the town help line? no? >> not in the suburbs. >> all right. let's talk about this. you can call 311 in new york city. why? some people might be calling about the muslim center because they don't want it. they don't want the mosque down at ground zero. guess what? maybe there's some help now. there's been this muslim summit that started over the weekend. a group of muslims have come together and they're trying to come up with a united stand on this islamic center. but so far, they haven't released what that stand might be but they all met yesterday. they also say that they're concerned about the uptick of what they see is an uptick in anti-muslim sentiments right now. >> right. across the country. in the meantime, what's going to be the outcome of the muslim summit?
6:40 am
out at j.f.k. airport, well, they're going to come into the islamic center area, the proposed islamic center and they're going to have a press conference later on today. so just about the time the traffic is really messed up on the east side from the united nations general assembly, then the traffic will get really messed up in lower manhattan. >> what i found fascinating about this story, in one of the articles though talk about this imam whose idea rauf to put this in here, he's not considered an insider in the muslim community. according to the one local imam, this guy is somewhat of an outsider. had he consulted with us, we would have gently told him no, it's a bad idea. don't build it. because of the outrage that it's caused, they feel that they have to rally for it. >> exactly. a lot of the muslims had been indifferent about whether or not to build it there. now, because so many people are saying you can't do it there, they're saying let's build it there. look for them to essentially say just that later on today at the press conference. >> in the meantime, frank luntz
6:41 am
you know him on this show, he gathers focus groups together and gets their thoughts about what's going on politically across the country. now, i don't know if it's the first time ever but it's a fabulous idea, he's collected celebriti celebrities. you'll hear a variety of viewpoints now from celebrities having to do with american values. watch this. >> to the human race that no other people have ever given and we don't know what they are anymore. and they still do. >> what are they? >> the bill of rights and a signed constitution. and the bill of rights is not about law. it is a picture of our future moral character. it's the only country in the world that ever had the guts to say this is who we choose to be. this is our ambition. and we're held to it every time we fail and every time we succeed. >> embracing diversity and having respect for somebody else's opinion and listening and
6:42 am
understanding that i may not agree with you but i'll fight for your right to have that opinion. >> to that end, i think it's important as a parent to tell your children that it's ok to detach in a sense from all the wonders that technology has offered in the last few years, you know, and that it's important to go back to the roots of what richard is talking about, to actually get away from the television. get off the computer. get away from the phones and go out and travel and meet people and talk to people and forget about hollywood and forget about the news and all that stuff and go out and see life in the third dimension rather than get everything fed to you from the screens. >> interesting stuff. that's a great idea. >> i liked everything he said until he said forget about the news. i mean, i really -- yeah, i don't want that. i wouldn't want that. >> for some on the left, the message that is being consumed right now is not helpful to them.
6:43 am
so maybe that's why they're saying that. >> i didn't know the nanny talked like that. where was her accent during that whole diotribe? >> yeah. one illegal alien has the grades to about to college but doesn't have the papers. should she be allowed in state tuition? the congressman who says no. and is trying to stop her next. >> and check out this guy's nose. why it is making headlines today. >> that's such a big nose. >> find out the story straight ahead.
6:44 am
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>> news by the numbers. first up, $240 million. that is how much b.p. says it has paid in claims five months after that gulf oil leak first started. over the weekend, the well was permanently killed by a cement plug. next, 3.46 inches. that's how long the world's largest nose is from bridge to hip according to the guiness book of world records. it belongs to that 61-year-old guy from turkey. that is a big nose. finally, $23.8 million. that's how much the number one movie at the box office, "the town" took in. the bank robber drama directed, co-written and starring ben afleck is already getting some oscar buzz. gretch, over to you. >> my husband told me he wants to see that, steve. thanks a lot. she has a 4.0 g.p.a. and wants to study biomedical engineering at georgia tech but she is an illegal immigrant who says she can't afford to go to college. the college of her dreams
6:48 am
because georgia state law requires her to pay out of state tuition. so should taxpayers foot the bill for her college education? we're joined by the georgia congressman, executive board member for the education reform caucus. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. i'll try to tell nothing but the truth because i don't want to beat the guy out from turkey with the longest nose. >> all right. i won't call you pinocchio, at least not yet. let's get the facts straight here. obviously a gifted student. she's 4.0. the taxpayers have paid for her public education. she is here illegally. you argue that the taxpayers should not continue to pay for her and give her sort of a break on in state tuition to go to the college of her dreams, georgia tech. why? >> well, i do, gretchen and as pointed out, she has already been subsidized by the taxpayers of the state of georgia in fulton county where she attended high school to the tune of about $65,000. this business of her now being
6:49 am
allowed to go to post secondary, to georgia tech in particular, and pay in state tuition is a subsidy that we are not required to make. the georgia board of regents has recently made a decision based on a case at kenisaw state university at my district that these students would have to pay out of state tuition but many georgia lawmakers, 13 state senators in the state of georgia are going to file legislation in january prohibiting these students from attending at all. >> right. all right, so the difference per semester if she gets in state tuition is $3,000. if she doesn't, it's $12,000. so there is a significant difference. but what do you say, congressman? a lot of argument about immigration has been about this dream act that would make it legal, suddenly make these students legal. what do you say about the fact that a lot of people about immigration reform say this is a bright student. these are the kind of immigrants that we want to come to america. >> well, gretchen, i would say this. there are a lot of students that
6:50 am
are in this country legally. they came the right way. they waited in line maybe several years with their parents but they came the right way and our own citizens of this country who are fighting for those slots, those precious slots, either at the university of georgia or georgia tech and if this student has a 4.0 and a legal resident or a citizen of the state has a 3.8 and that youngster doesn't get in because of the illegal, that's not fair. >> i get it. i got to read the statement from miriam torres' attorney, she is a fine accomplishment of what's given if a student is asked to succeed. no country should find themselves in the position of deporting children not alone a child to succeed but one that already has. thanks for being our guest. >> oh, my pleasure, gretchen. be glad to come back on this issue. >> thank you. >> well, your tax money going to fight childhood obesity but our
6:51 am
next guest says kids would benefit more if the job got handed to the private sector. he should know. he did it. ♪
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> welcome back. glad you're up. first lady michelle obama's let's move campaign pushes healthy eating and exercise to fight childhood obesity. should we be pouring millions of federal dollars, your tax dollars into these programs or would it be better served by the private sector? that's what california did with the governor's challenge competition and now it's the most comprehensive fitness program in u.s. history. joining us right now is the chairman of the governor's council on physical fitness, mr. productivity jake steinfeld. six years ago you started this. did you expect this type of success? >> first of all, bri, great to
6:55 am
see you, man. haven't seen you in a long time. when you have a governor like arnold schwarzenegger who is so involved in exercise and fitness and understands that both academics and fitness go hand in hand, when he came to me, i've known him since i was 19 years old and asked, jake, what do you want to do? i said let's get the kids. and we came up with two very simple initiatives. our governor's fitness challenge which is to get kids active 30 to 60 minutes every other day for a month and our spotlight awards which is to honor the unsung heroes in the state of california who promote physical education, physical fitness and good nutrition and health. two simple initiatives and we rocked it, bri. >> and you did. here's an example of what you would hear if you were in california, they've got a lot of kids and teachers in schools motivated. listen. >> there's a drug going around that's affecting california's kids. this drug is readily available in schools and playgrounds everywhere.
6:56 am
it's so addictive that once kids try it, it's almost impossible to stop. what is it? endorphins, baby, the all natural high that comes from sports and physical activity. it's one high we highly recommend. >> and that's what got everybody going. here's the thing, jake, you picked up the phone. you've got cbs involved. you got coca-cola involved. you got corporate america to back kids. >> well, listen, first and foremost, what we were able to do was reach out to our friends in the cable industry. our friends at comcast, our friends at cox and time warner to air that psa and we have done a brand new one every single year. my goal is to put the -- is to give the schools the tools and what i know best is if you're able to put a fitness center in a school, what's terrific is all the kids get a chance to use it. not just the athletes. >> not just -- >> this is for everyone. >> right. not just the studs. you picked up the phone and got corporate america involved. that's what america should learn from that.
6:57 am
thanks so much. congratulations. >> wow. bri, that was a quick one, huh? coca-cola, cbs. kaiser permanente, we've all come together to be able to do this and it's working. >> thanks, dana perino when we come back. [ male announcer ] febreze changed how you freshened fabrics. and then how you freshened the air. now, febreze gives you a whole new way to eliminate odors and get noticeably longer freshness than a cone. new set and refresh! slide in the cartridge, and click. ♪ the slow release of scented oils provides freshness that lasts 30 days!
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vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 20, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us today. jobs, jobs, it's all about jobs. not according to president obama. why has the commander in chief gone silent on the economy? former white house press secretary dana perino live in the studio and she'll read between the lines for us. >> she looks so alive there. jenco lyn general colin powell takes to the airwaves with some words for president obama. >> he's lost some willing to connect during the campaign. >> why is the general now looking for a job with the president? maybe chief of staff. >> really? >> wow. >> he was supposed to be dead by now but a terrorist
7:01 am
responsible for killing americans is doing better than ever. why the lockerbie bomber is up and about. oh, boy. meanwhile, hour two for this monday "fox & friends" starting right about now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your day! >> all right, don king. thanks very much for that introduction. we need a little pick me up on a monday. how about you out there? good thing we're not in bermuda right now because the blackouts across bermuda all over this morning as hurricane igor pounded the island with heavy rains and winds. rick leventhal joins us with the very latest. we see the stormy conditions. good morning, rick. >> good morning, gretchen. i think i need about three more cups of coffee. none of us got much sleep last night. the storm is pounding us here, we're on the southern coast of bermuda that took a direct hit from hurricane igor. even though it was downgraded from a category 4 to a 1, it was
7:02 am
the most vicious category 1 that any of us had ever experienced. fortunately for the island, there have not been any reports of injuries or deaths yet. it's very, very early and we have teams across the island, police teams, fire, as well as utility company teams to assess the damages. you can see trees blowing behind me. i want to show you the ocean. again, we're streaming on the quality is not as good. but the ocean much calmer this morning than it was throughout the day yesterday when a storm surge and very high winds were battering the coast creating some flooding and doing some damage including some railings on some of the outlying balconies and terraces at this hotel. a lot of residents move to hotels to avoid the worst of the storm but no one came to this particular hotel because of our location right on the coast. they didn't lose power here until about 1:00 in the morning for only about 15 minutes because they have underground lines. but as far as the island is
7:03 am
concerned, about 3/4 or more of the island's 64,000 residents are still in the dark. 28,000 of the 35,000 households were without power this morning. gretchen, that's a big concern getting the juice back on and seeing just how much damage this storm did? at this point, it looks pretty much like trees down and that may be the extent of it. >> all right. thank you very much, rick leventhal. >> wow. so it looks like a much bigger storm than a cat 1. that's what it was. now to other headlines for a monday. more than 1,000 homes evacuated as dangerous wildfires ripped through the state of utah. at least 300 acres are burning near the town of harriman. firefighters struggling to get that fire under control. it started at a nearby national guard base after an artillery training session, soldiers apparently didn't have the manpower or the equipment to quickly put out the flames. a terror suspect has been arrested and is now being questioned at the airport in amsterdam, the same airport that the accused christmas day
7:04 am
underwear bomber flew out of. dutch law enforcement officials said the latest suspect is from somalia. his identity had not been released. he had a connecting flight to uganda. those six terror suspects arrested during the pope's visit to london are free men and they may be planning to sue. british police are worried they're about to get hit with a wrongful detention lawsuit. the north african street cleaners were arrested friday after making a joke about harming the pope. a colleague reported their conversations to police who swooped in and arrested the men within hours. those are the headlines. you'd think in this day and age you'd learn not to make a joke like that. can't do it at the airport, i know that. >> dana perino is here, former white house press secretary, fox news analyst and we'll talk to her later about which one she likes better. first thing is first. do you think there's something involved with the president and his message, what he's talking about and what he isn't talking about? >> i think it was interesting -- two weeks ago, he had that whole week where he talked about the economy. gave two speeches. he did interview with george stephanopoulos, made a lot of
7:05 am
waves and also had the press conference. and i think it ended up being one of their worst weeks from a messaging standpoint. last week, they didn't really focus on it except to appoint elizabeth warren to the commission and then on saturday, you had the radio address. these are prime opportunities. prime opportunities for any communicator. and they ended up doing something about citizens united, this is that lawsuit that the supreme court said that corporations aren't barred from spending money on campaigns. to me, that said they are really worried about their left wing coming down to vote in november so they decided not to focus on the economy which is what everybody is telling them to focus on and it's not just republicans or it's not just even colin powell yesterday. even james carville, you know, all the senate democrats, all the house democrats are saying please focus on the economy and they're not. >> in fact, here's what carville said on the white house strategy. "they believe that they have to say that what they're doing is working but let me tell you, that's annoying the hell out of people. no one thinks it's true.
7:06 am
it irritates people who are out there struggling and feeds this perception that they are out of touch." so for one of the -- from one of the guys who said it's the economy, stupid, maybe -- >> and from one of the guys that said that last year's -- or the wins in 2008 would create a 40-year democratic majority, yeah. that came from the mouth of james carville. >> no longer a cat 4. >> is james carville doing this because this is sort of a secret way to bring the clintons back into the picture? or is he doing this because he sincerely disagrees with president obama? >> i think from a message standpoint, they're very frustrated because everyone realizing the election is going to be about the economy. when the president has talked about it, people have gotten mad about what he said and now they've tuned him out. and so you think that maybe the white house has even given up on talking about it as well. >> carville is one of the guys that has the white house to focus on the oil spill. you would have thought that would have been a no brainer. >> right. somebody like a white man of the democratic party, like james carville can rattle the cage. and try to get them to pay attention and whether they take
7:07 am
his advice or not, who knows? >> you'd think they'd do that in private. rather than on the airwaves. >> i think the white house is not even listening to them. right? there are many -- >> we're smarter than them. >> think they're not listening to america? there are people in the democratic party that say they don't listen to what i have to say. then they say it outloud. plus he's an analyst. >> general colin powell, he's a new face on the sun shows. you think there's some significance to the timing of his appearance? >> not necessarily. there are some rumors around washington that maybe if the white house and in some cases, if they were smart, they would go to somebody like a colin powell as a next chief of staff if rahm emanuel does indeed decide to run for mayor of chicago. i think it would be smart, his steady hand. good in a crisis. not overtly partisan. >> republican. >> willing to tell the bad news to the boss and be able to unite people together. so it probably wouldn't be a bad pick but i don't think the white house has shown any indication
7:08 am
they're willing to go many that type of direction. >> let's listen to his advice for the president and see if you think he might be the next chief of staff. >> and he's done a lot with health care, with cap and trade, with education, and i understand the importance of all of that. but as far as the american people are concerned, the main attack is employment. i think he has lost some of the ability to connect that he had during the campaign. and it is not just me picking on the president. it's reflected in the polling. >> he was a republican who endorsed president candidate obama during that time. he also had some advice for the g.o.p. which many people believe that general powell is no longer really a republican. let's listen. >> i want to cut spending. i want to have lower taxes. but how do you do that? you can't just have slogans. you can't just have catchy phrases. you have to have an agenda. and i think what the republican party has to do, if it's going to incorporate the tea party efforts in it is to come up with an agenda that the american people can see, touch and actually believe in.
7:09 am
>> well, that's true for both parties. >> yeah. >> because both party needs to have something you are for. that's why i was surprised, again, for the white house's decision this weekend to do an overtly partisan move and focus on what corporations may or may not be doing in the campaign. well, then what they did is expose how many -- how much unions pay into democratic campaigns and it just reminds people, wait a second, are we going to do anything about jobs or not? >> right. well, so many people have said that if they don't extend the bush era tax cuts for all americans that could impact jobs especially during a recession and 31 democrats sent nancy pelosi a note and said you better pass them for everybody. according to congressman jim mathisen who is a democrat, i believe, from down south, we've got a quotation of something that he said, he said they actually -- there actually would have been more democrats signed on. listen to this. >> there are several other democrats who have indicated
7:10 am
they have the same interest. some didn't sign the letter. they didn't think the letter was strong enough. they wanted to go farther than a one-year extension quite frankly. >> there might be some of those democrats and then there's a whole bunch of them that thought i hope this letter has the impact that i want so i don't have to put my name on it. i don't want to have to vote for it. >> isn't that interesting? what he's saying is the democrats want to be stronger. that's why they didn't sign it. >> that's why i'm surprised by the white house and the stance they've taken the past couple of weeks because in some ways, you need to be for what is going to happen. and he could have taken that and wrapped it up in his own package and called it the obama tax cuts for stimulus, whatever it was going to be. he could have taken the mantle and run with it. and instead, they're in this fight now that they're going to lose. >> right. let's talk about a poll that came out. fox news did a poll and common question and common refrain, they asked would president bush speak out and defend himself and is he right to not respond to president obama's criticism? should he, one, respect him and
7:11 am
keep quiet or get more respect if he responded? 62% said they give him more respect for not responding to the criticism. >> right. and this is how he always said he would conduct his post presidency and it's hard not to respond when people are attacking you personally and it's hard especially when that's coming even from the -- his successor in the white house. but he always said he would live his life that way. that's how his dad has been a post president and bill clinton has been that kind of a post president as well so i don't think that will change and even though his book is coming out in november, and he'll be out talking a lot and, of course, there will be some media attention. i still do not believe you will ever see him criticize. >> i remember i asked 41, bush 41, i said, how do you feel about bill clinton criticizing your son as president? he said and you have not? and he said well, if hillary runs, he might get some of it back. but i'm sure he wouldn't have done that. but that's how close he came to speaking out. but he never did. >> right.
7:12 am
if you asked a question during the book tour interviews, he'll respectfully say i have no comment. >> i think so. in canada, he was asked a question and given an opportunity to respond. his quote was, the man deserves my silence. it was classy. when you see a poll like that, 62% of people said that, that's what our mom and dads taught us. >> does it show blame bush and blame boehner did not work? and they got to go to a plan c? >> if blame bush and blame boehner worked, their numbers would be much better than they are and they wouldn't be scrambling to start talking now about citizens united and give america this bright, shiny object when everybody just cares about employment. >> they do. jobs, jobs, jobs. you got one, you just did a good job fulfilling. dana perino, always a pleasure. nice to have you here on the couch. >> democrats have long depended on younger voters to put them in office. many can't find jobs. will they switch sides, then? our young political panel with
7:13 am
their thoughts next. >> and nearly 10 years later, lawmakers still haven't passed a bill to pay for health care of 9/11 first responders. news today that the battle could soon be over. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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>> in the 2008 election, young voters came out in droves for then candidate barack obama giving him 66% of the youth vote. well, now it looks like change could be coming. a new poll shows that the number of young voters who identify with democrats is decreasing. why are young americans disenchanted by the dems? we turn to our young political panel, jonathan krohn, 15-year-old author and
7:17 am
conservative who spoke at the values voters summit this weekend, ben anderstone, democratic college activist who considers himself independent and phil garner, a college democratic activist who considers himself a democrat. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> congratulations on turning 15 because you were 14 and already famous, right? and now you're the old age of 15. let's get your thoughts on this poll right now. does this look as if young people are coming towards the republican party? >> well, at the same -- the poll from pugh research, i don't know what poll you're looking at but in the poll that i was reading on pugh research, the most recent poll from july, it says that actually milennials are still divided 57-32, people under 30. it's still disproportionately democrat where at the same time, they're not ideologically aligned with either side. there's 40% that consider themselves to be moderate. and only, let's see, but when it
7:18 am
comes to conservative and liberal, they're only 29% and 28%. it's about 11% more consider themselves to be moderate and then liberal and 12% more than conservatives. they're disproportionately moderate and disproportionately democrat. >> you are an independent voice and you are at a college campus right now. what are you hearing that could be different than what you were hearing before? >> i come from a very liberal campus by and large and i'm not seeing any of the enthusiasm that i saw in 2008. the real risk is youth voters will look at the obama narrative they saw in 2008 and see disappointment in it and not show up. >> not show up. phil, that would not be good news for your party because we just showed that poll that 66% of the youth, they supported candidate obama. do you think they'll show up for the midterms, for example?
7:19 am
>> i think you'll be surprised how many show up. we're six weeks out and there's a lot of time to get the youth vote energized. they showed up in 2008 and showed up in 2006, too, if we can get organized and get them out there, i don't see any reason why they won't come out again. >> one thing that's facing so many young people is jobs and that's what i want to try to tackle when we take a quick commercial break here and come back with our young people because a lot of youngs can't find jobs right now. i want to get all of your three opinions on that. so should workers as well be forced to join unions? organized labor now losing support from within as some employees say let the courts decide. and then tragedy on a texas football field. another young player collapses and dies. is football becoming too dangerous of a sport? former colts head coach tony dungy and jerome bettis give us their take. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
7:20 am
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>> hey, it's monday. put something on. the lockerbie bomber is able to get out and walk around. he's out of his bed. can you believe it? according it a victim's father, he's still a very sick man. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was released last year on compassionate grounds after doctors claim he only had three months to live because of prostate cancer. researchers, by the way, in another story discover a 3,000-year-old bust of an egyptian woman. does that sound like a queen? that is. it's queen nephrete. she was altered to make her -- how do you say her name? that same one. she appears more beautiful now. scans of the bust show an earlier prefacelift image that has a bent nose and wrinkled eye. >> i saw a lot of her when i was ooefr there. we turn to a 15-year-old author
7:24 am
and conservative that spoke at the values voters summit and ben who considers himself independent and phil garner, college democratic activist who considers himself democrat. let's talk a little bit about - j-o-b-s. my research shows unemployment rate for the youth is 19.1%. phil, that can't be good news for democrats for the midterms, can it? >> well, it depends on how you look at it. obviously there's a lot of anger over the economic situation with those in power right now but at the same time, if you look at the sort of messages and proposals that both democrats and republicans are offering, i think the democrat party is clearly the only party in this race who is going to be able to deliver on new jobs and i think they have a lot of great candidates out there who have a lot of experience in new jobs. >> in what? to spend more taxpayer money sf>> no, not at all. i think the real way we get the economy moving again is by creating small businesses and helping them grow. i think by targeted tax cuts like president obama has been talking about, extending the bush tax cuts for small
7:25 am
businesses will help small businesses grow and create more jobs. >> how do you feel about that? >> well, look, i don't think that the democrat party has done quite enough to create new jobs. they haven't -- obviously the unemployment rate is worse than it was when president obama came into office and obviously people are going to definitely pinpoint this administration and this congress which the democrat congress and the previous congress which is also a democrat congress for a lot of the job loss and the jobless rate at the moment. and i think that the republican party, the only way the republican party can capitalize on this is if they take a fiscal conservative message and start actually talking about solutions and not just saying president obama didn't do this which is exactly what democrats have done with republicans in the past. so i mean, it goes both ways. the democrat party could very well take a fiscal conservative message. a lot of people probably wouldn't believe them. but i think that the only way the democrat party can get some of those jobless youth back to the polls is if they start taking a fiscal conservative message which the republican party also has the opportunity to do. >> let me get ben in here.
7:26 am
he is the independent voice here and by all estimations, the independents are the ones that will decide these allegations. so ben, you're in college right now. how much do your peers fear not being able to find a job when they're done? >> well, i'm going to a pretty decent liberal arts college and there's still a lot of people concerned they'll have to work minimum wage jobs when they get out and they'll have significant college debt. i think more than anything, it plays into a really bad narrative for the democrats which is that they have these programs like tarp, there are these complicated multifacetted programs that the average american doesn't understand. and can't really connect with the tangible improvement in their lifestyle. and i think a lot of my college people are feeling that that is not really directly helping them in any way. and if the obama administration can't clarify how the economic aids are making concrete improvements in the job market, they'll suffer some severe losses in the midterms. >> all right, dose of reality for our young people right now.
7:27 am
jonathan, ben anderstone and garner, thank you for joining us this morning. the iran's press challenge to americans moments after landing on american soil. colin powell says illegal immigrants serve a purpose in the united states like performing his home repairs. how will the former secretary of state explain this? you'll hear it. the best and worst of sunday's nfl games broken down with tony dungy and jerome bettis. almost took brian out there. get in here, guys. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking,
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[ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number? the most powerful half-ton crew in america
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h a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size picku on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings ar $5,600. >> all right. welcome back. heads of state from around the world descending on the east side of new york city this week for the annual united nations general assembly. and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad already getting a lot of attention. kelly wright is live in washington with the very latest. good morning to you, kel. >> good morning to you. you know, as the u.n. general assembly gets under way, beyond the debates over how to deal with the world's problems, we will likely see some vigorous dialogue over the situation
7:32 am
between the united states and iran. secretary of state hillary clinton says the five members of the u.n. security council plus one are open to talks with iran about its controversial nuclear program. the p-5 plus one nations are the u.s., britain, china, russia, france, plus germany. secretary clinton adds that so far, she says, iran has not agreed to following any kind of compliance with its nuclear program. the security council has imposed four rounds of sanctions on iran. on sunday during an interview with the associated press, iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad dismissed the sanctions predicting they will be ineffective against iran. >> pay attention to the fact that the u.s. government has been opposed to the islamic republic for over 30 years now. >> and it's always come up with one reason or another to continue its hostility.
7:33 am
>> as he continues with his defiant stance, secretary clinton disagrees with him and says sanctions are, in fact, proving to have an effect on iran. >> the information we're getting is that the iranian regime is quite worried about the impact on their banking system, on their economic growth. because they've already encountered some tough economic and this is making it, you know, more costly. >> and the united states will continue to push for that. secretary clinton saying iran needs to permit full nuclear inspections by the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog group, the iaea. ahmadinejad says his nation is not blocking those inspections at all. but they said last week, some of the inspectors have not been allowed do their jobs inside iran. they suspect that he's trying to build a nuclear bomb but they are insisting it's working to build only nuclear power plants. back to you. >> kelly wright with the very
7:34 am
latest. he's so simply misunderstood, isn't he? by the whole world. thanks, kelly. all right, gretch. >> other headlines, the leader of a small california religious group is being held by doctors pending a psychological exam. there are fears that she was planning a mass suicide with members of her very small church. they were found late praying in a park. they claim to be ok and claim they never had plans to kill themselves. cops came looking after a man reported that his wife and kids were missing and they left behind a note claiming they had been visiting jesus and some dead relatives. >> meanwhile, the largest newspaper in a deadly mexican city is calling for drug cartels to call a truce. the newspaper asked the cartels for their demands so the staff doesn't have to work while fearing for their lives. this is the newspaper's second editorial since gunmen killed one photographer and seriously injured another last week. >> democrats in the senate are
7:35 am
reviving the plan to give 9/11 first responders discounted health care. they're going to attach the funds to a war spending bill. that's up for a vote this week. the bill failed in the past because those same democrats tried to prevent republicans from making changes to the bill. this comes as mayor bloomberg's office releases a report showing that 9/11 first responders are in desperate need of both money and medical attention. brian? >> all right. thank you very much, gretch. hey, a texas high school quarterback reggie garrett died after collapsing on the field friday night and in oregon, a high school junior's heart stopped shortly after catching a winning pass so is football becoming too dangerous for teens? are we doing proper screening? joining us, former indianapolis head coach tony dungy and former football running back jerome bettis who get a permanent place on the couch sooner or later. we love having you here. you hear these stories and internalize these stories, what are your thoughts? >> it happens.
7:36 am
that's the thing we have to understand and there are a lot of things that are done. you can't catch anything. we had a situation like that on the practice field in indy. we had a defensive back that had been tested 100 times growing up, high school, college and he had a seizure on the field and we found he had a heart defect but he had done 100 physicals and you just can't catch everything. >> what do you feel, jerome? you're a dad as well and on top of that, the 17-year-old quarterback was going to some division one school but had a history of seizures. >> it becomes difficult because now the younger the player starts playing football, you know, you're going to see more and more of this. kids are starting at 8, 9, 10 years old and when you play that long in such a physical sport, it's demanding on your body and sometimes it's -- it's a negative. >> right but you have these schools who are tough on their budgets anyway and a lot of them are cutting programs. you're asking for additional medical tests? the money sadly might not be there. let's move to something you know
7:37 am
intimately. a year and a half ago, michael vick was in jail. for the last two weeks, he's led the philadelphia eagles to two victories. he looks like he will be the starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles. your thoughts as he beats the detroit lions along with his eagle team this week? >> i was really proud of michael. his first start in over four years but philadelphia has been the best place for him. not just football career. i think andy reed and that organization embraced him and helped him get back to being the family man he wanted to be. getting his personal life together and that's helped him be a better player. >> jerome, you see the same thing? you knew him before in atlanta and see him now. he seems different? >> he's totally different and he understood he needed to make that change and he made that change and thousanow it's start spill over to the football field. >> i don't hear anybody talking about the dog fighting, right? they're talking about is he going to be the number one pick? he's still buried in debt. >> he is. the thing about it -- what he wanted to do was get himself
7:38 am
together as a person and as jerome said, he's totally different. he has a different focus. he's focused on his family, doing the right things. and i'm very, very proud of him. >> and you did a lot of work with him. people should know you've met with him in prison and afterwards helped him out and helped him pick a team. the colts got really lucky and they beat the giants, extremely lucky. they'll find out that they're punching four leaf clovers. i'm shocked about the manning bowl. mannings are probably one of the classiest families in sports. tell me what happened last night. >> tell you what, that's a tough, tough situation for everybody in that family because they are so close and you don't want to -- you want to win but you don't want your brother to lose and that's a difficult situation. >> he wanted his brother to lose last night. believe me. i'm telling you. >> he wanted to win. but peytopeyton, they came out . colts, they got ahead much that was the key to game. >> it was. when that defense can play ahead in a football game on that turf,
7:39 am
they're a really, really tough defense to hold down. you saw them beat up on eli. >> right now, if his career ended, peyton manning and he won't, is he the greatest quarterback ever? >> i think so. i got to see him every day and what he does and how much he put into making that offense special. on the field, off the field, and running it, i haven't seen anyone do that -- >> you didn't see scott bruiner in his time. >> second best. >> thank you very much. let's talk about one of the reasons you're here. one, you wanted to see me again and number two, campbells has a great program for fathers. tell me about it. >> it's called all pro dads. >> yeah. we're teaming up, all pro dads and campbells chunky soup to get dads to do two things. to eat right and eat with their kids once a week. and then do a physical activity once a week. >> exactly. >> whether it's frisbie or tackle football. >> whatever it is. jerome is great at. >> we want people to take -- fathers to take a pledge, you know, all you got to do is take
7:40 am
the pledge and like tony said, it's only two things we want you to do, you know, at least once a week have a nice wholesome meal with your family and then do something active with the kids. and then if you do that, you have an opportunity to win a chance to go to the pro bowl. >> take your family to hawaii to the pro bowl if you'll commit to doing that once a week. >> how do he find out more? >> go to >> two outstanding dads and outstanding people. love having you in the studio. good job. too bad we don't have time to talk to the cowboys that you picked to go to the super bowl who are now 0-2. >> i did. >> i know. i know. back to you. >> hmm, hmm good. thank you very much. straight ahead, unions are extending their strong arm from the factories into the homes, even private childcare workers are forced to join the uaw and they're not happy about it. and they're suing for their freedom.
7:41 am
one person's story's straight ahead. >> gl enda hatchet is here to tell you how to take charge of your life. no matter how bad you think it is. >> this character actor is best known for his roles in "the office" and "entourage." we'll send you something real nice. oof! i hope he has that insurance. how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... so...what's it called? uhhhhh aflaaac!!!! we've got you under our wing. a-a-a-aflaaac! when pain keeps you , nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choic
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to local hospitals or, like windstream communications, you can dream it and do i windstream lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. >> unions have a strangle hold on the automaker work force in michigan. but they've also extended their web into the homes of michigan residents as well. the united auto workers has forced at home child providers to sign a mandatory union agreement back in 2006 but now, some of those workers are suing
7:45 am
to be set free. we are joined right now by one of the at-home childcare workers who is suing and mark mix, the president of the national right to work legal defense foundation which is organizing the lawsuit. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ebbing ok, carrie, a couple s ago, the united auto workers and a couple of other places wound up and being involved in home providers. you've got a group home. how do you like having the uaw at your house? >> yes. you know, when i received the letter in the mail, i was shocked. and i'm just a mom that decided to care for children in my home. i provide a good service and i'm able to contribute to the household income. while caring for my own children and never did i dream that i would have to fight the uaw out of my living room. >> and what have -- what has
7:46 am
the uaw gotten for you so far? >> nothing. nothing. i hear claims that they're going to increase subsidy amounts and the thing i want people to understand is if they were able to negotiate and lobby on behalf of us to increase subsidy amounts, the subsidy is the subsidy of my parents. my income doesn't change even if there is an increase in subsidy. that just benefits the unions. they can get increased union dues off the subsidy. >> exactly right. >> the union has got their hand in your purse right now. they're taking dues out of there. and let's talk about how this all happened. couple of years ago, there was a vote taken but you feel that not all the care providers were notified there's going to be a vote, right? >> well, the details surrounding the so-called vote to force carrie into this union
7:47 am
representation, this union monopoly is suspect but starts with an executive order from the governor in michigan is a pure power play from the united auto workers and the federation of public employees to rope 40,000 people to provide dues and fees as a condition to providing a service to parents in the state michigan. it's an outrage. >> it does sound outrageous. i understand that 52% of voters voted and 92% of them approved. if you were cynical, you would say maybe the union told the people they knew would vote them, the vote should be taken at this time and you should get in on this. >> steve, i think that's right. the details surround the actual vote and who voted is out there. we're in the discovery phase of this trial right now. we think we might get to the t bottom of that. they said they were part of the union and they were going to get their subsidies taken out of
7:48 am
their checks from the state and sent right to the union and these people never got a chance to vote on whether or not they wanted to be part of the union. that's a fact. >> and carrie, also as soon as you found out that the union, uaw is going to have you as part of their union rolls, you tried to call them. you got a voice mail. >> i did. >> nobody ever called you back. you called the governor, how did that work out? >> i contacted state representatives on the issue and talked to area providers and i frankly couldn't find anyone who had voted on this. >> all right. and you want the union out of your house and i can absolutely understand that. and now a federal judge said that the lawsuit can go forward so it will be interesting to see what happens. >> right. >> carrie and mark, thank you both for telling us this important story today. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> what too you think? how would you like the u.a.w. to suddenly show up and say i'm representing you? e-mail us right now, friends at
7:49 am lindsay lohan confirms she's failed a drug test. she's already been to court and rehab. so is there any hope for the starlet? judge hatchett says yes, and she says you can take charge of your life no matter how bad you think it is. first, back on this date in 1962, the qe-2 is launched in scotland. on this date in 1973, billy jean king beat bobby riggs in a battle of the sexes on abc and in 1976, the number one song in america "play that funky music" by wild cherry.
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7:52 am
>> answers to the question of the day is gary cole.
7:53 am
the winner is from south carolina. >> i am sick of you being put out of school time and time again. 21 times. i am sick of finding out because i don't think she knew before today that you even had guns. >> no, i didn't. >> i'm sick of them coming to my house threatening my family. what if she said one day i'm sick of this behavior and you got to go. >> now, glenda hatchett is coming out of the courtroom and daring you to take charge of your life. joining us is judge hatchett and author of this book "dare to take charge." welcome back. >> glad to be back. >> let's bring your book topic to the news headlines today. lindsay lohan as she's now tweeted she apparently failed a drug test so once again, she's back in trouble with the law. how should she take charge with her life?
7:54 am
>> right, she has to take some responsibility. that means she has to go into long term treatment. not just for a few weeks but really long term treatment with some follow-up and only she can take responsibility. i mean, this is -- talk about taking charge of your life. got to do it. >> legally, judge, it's an addiction and it's not like she chose to -- she had no driver's license and she drove. what do you do with that? do you put her back in jail? >> i think she should go back into rehab. she's violated the court terms but until she gets treated, she's not going to be able to overcome this addiction in my opinion. >> i know. it's so sad. so many millions of americans facing this. >> it is an addiction. you can't fix it unless you understand it. >> another thing facing so many millions of americans is unemployment. so how can they take your advice in the book and take charge of
7:55 am
your life? >> yes. so many people in this economy are -- it's just -- we've not seen anything like this for decades and decades. my advice is you really have to assess where you are. you know, dare to take charge of your own situation. if you're employed and you're not happy with your job, do the best you can while youou.. as you're looking to make other moves. if you're not employed, be aggressive. is there something that you can do outside the box? is there a home based business that you can start? is there something that you can do to help somebody in maybe intern without pay until you can get your foot in the door but really think aggressively, how do i take charge and move from just saying i'm a victim to being victorious on it? >> seeing some principles there that you went ever. how to use guilt to your advantage when making life decisions. >> sometimes we get stuck and say, oh, golly, i wish i would have done. how do we take things that we feel guilty about and learn that energy and figure out how we learn the life lessons from it.
7:56 am
how do we take it and how to move on. >> meaning something like i wish i wouldn't have stopped playing the piano in this my life. >> or that relative you wish you would have gone to see and they passed away, you know, why didn't you do? wish you had. stop wishing you had and figure out what you're going to do next. >> your book is filled with personal stories. can you give us one quick anecdote and how to learn from it. >> there's one story. i tell the story about how i lied to myself in a situation i should have gotten out of it in the book. >> relationship. >> yes, relationship. a marriage. good people can be in a bad marriage and i talk about that very, very candidly in this book that you got to move on sometimes. >> well, she's a judge. also an author and now "dare to take charge" is the new book and the show is judge hatchett. great to see you, as always. >> b.p. put the final cap on their leaking oil well but the work is far from finished. talk live with admiral thad allen top of the hour.
7:57 am
>> he's been dubbed crazy carl. carl paladino and new york's republican nominee for governor. will he address his critics? yes, he will and he'll do it live here on "fox & friends." stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at can earn you a free night -- so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. it's now monday, september 20, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. the white house sick of being beat up by republicans. now they may be ready to fight back. there are reports of an attack ad campaign aimed at the g.o.p. but could it be too little too late? bill clinton weighs in on that. >> meanwhile, b.p. just put the final cap on its leaking oil well in the gulf. but no time for celebration because cleanup, far from finished. let's talk to that guy right there, admiral thad allen about what lies ahead in the gulf. >> he will not be wearing his hat. under way right now, a summit by muslims to discuss what should happen with the mosque near ground zero. will their show of support help or hurt their chance?
8:01 am
"fox & friends" by all accounts starts right now. >> this is jerome bettis, the bus, and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you very much. and this was the bus stop this past hour. >> right. >> great having him and coach dungy as well. >> they're good buddies. mutual respect and a lot about support. they made the transition into the real world and both of them very hard to tackle. >> sure. >> i think bettis might be a little tougher to tackle than dungy. we have to start with severe weather in bermuda. hurricane igor slamming into island with heavy rain and high winds. the cat one storm came ashore and now is 40 miles to the west. it's not expected to hit the united states but kick up dangerous surf and rip currents as well. at least 300 acres are burning around the town of harriman in utah. >> we've had many fires out
8:02 am
here, not this close. >> when we got home from church, it was kind of scary. really close. >> the fire started at a nearby national guard base after an artillery training session. soldiers that didn't have the manpower or the equipment to put out the flames. united nations meetings start in new york city. world leaders from 92 countries are in town and on the agenda, tackling world poverty but iran, of course, will be a major issue as it is every year. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is at the summit. and he's already making provocative statements dismissing u.n. sanctions and insisting that the future belongs to iran. a terror suspect has been arrested and is now being questioned in amsterdam. this is the same airport as you recall the accused christmas day underwear bomber flew out of on his way to the u.s. dutch law enforcement officials say the latest suspect is from somalia. he had a connecting flight to uganda. dutch police say they're investigating his possible ties
8:03 am
to an al-qaida inspired extremist group. those are your headlines and that seems to be the center of terrorist problems right now is that airport. >> thankful they're getting them ahead of time and tracking them. i was reading an e-mail that has everything to do with our next topic and that's one of our great correspondents walking back a report that leads today's "new york times." >> that's right. page a1 in "the new york times", an item that says the white house and democrats are going to start an ad campaign that effectively will attack the g.o.p., casting the g.o.p. as being taken over by tea party extremists, this in the face of those stunning election results in great state of delaware and also in alaska regarding the senate candidates. mike emanuel, our correspondent says that the white house says there's nothing to this but nonetheless, it is on page 1a of "the new york times" and they did get a whole bunch of people to talk about it. you got to figure, there's got to be something to it. >> yeah.
8:04 am
if they're denying it so stringently, maybe there was and now there isn't. who knows? that's the latest coming out of the white house this morning. in the meantime, the g.o.p., the republicans, they may have a new mission on their hands to try and stop some of these programs that have been passed by the obama administration. specifically health care. so what is one way that they possibly could do that without repealing it completely? well, it would be to cut off the cash. apparently they would be able to cut off some of the funding of maybe i.r.s. agents who will be looking into health care and other small variables of the program that would strangle the efforts of health care to go into full term. >> they want to say they'll strangle and repeal health care. others say we're going to hold back money that would cap greenhouse gases. g.o.p. leaders want to trim spending to return unspent stimulus funds and restore sweeping tax cuts. so that will be part of the agenda. and also, they want to reel in financial regulation. there's some provisions in this
8:05 am
bill. this big mystery bill that some on the right want to get rid of. >> right, exactly and so for the people who are in the senate and the congress for -- on the right side for them to say, you know, that's very unpopular stuff that we passed. if you put us in charge of things, we're going to make sure that things change in washington, d.c. going back earlier to the story from the white house or the d.n.c. they might run those ads, it's interesting, mark embinder who writes a blog at "the atlantic" he says regarding this the media is going to help the democratic party's national message that the g.o.p. is a party full of christine o'donnells which is very interesting. because that's same message that the story in "the new york times" is that the republicans are a party of extremists. >> we have to imagine that's going to be part of the talking points for the democrats is we're only 43 days now from the midterm elections.
8:06 am
let's go to a prominent democrat, former president bill clinton to see what his thoughts are. how it would affect president obama if in fact the republicans gained control in november. >> i think it would increase his chances of being re-elected. whether it would be good for country or not, i don't know. >> you know why he feels as though republicans will be weighing in and putting their stamp on legislation and policy. and maybe being more on the record than since their session in the minority right now, both in the house and the senate and they don't have the white house, the horrible economic -- this climate we're currently in, you really can't blame republicans for it. unless you want to do what president obama does all the time, or used to do, that's blame george bush. >> yeah, he's saying that a g.o.p. win in 2010 would be good for obama in 2012 which is what happened to president clinton. it was very good for him back in the day. >> he had to suddenly direct from the center. he had to come back from the left and direct from the center and that remains to be seen
8:07 am
whether or not president obama will choose to do that. in the meantime, one of the hot topics affecting new york and the entire country right now is that mosque that might be built down at ground zero and now there's a group of muslims who have come together for a summit of sorts and they are trying to come up with a statement or a plan, i guess they're going to release it later on today, what their thoughts are about whether or not this mosque should be built. >> they have two initiatives. they want to get on the same page when it comes to this mosque, support it which it looks like they will or not support it. the other one is look at the anti-islamic sentiment that he feels -- many feel is happening throughout the country although statistics says it's just not happening. so here's the deal. did they go on to say in this story that this imam that had this vision to build the mosque right near ground zero. >> uh-huh. >> he's not even on the ins with the so-called american islamic community. and one of these imams is quoted as saying, had he asked us if we would be in support of it, we would gently have said no. but now, that's changed.
8:08 am
>> sure. and one of the things that's changed and they've walked back the definition of what the center would be is they said, you know, it's not going to just be a muslim center, cultural center but there will also be places in the center where christians can pray. >> like a game room. >> that's the way they're trying to sell it right now. it would be interesting, though, if later today when they do have this press conference down at park 51 whether or not they talk about, ok, we're united in the fact that they should build this and we have done some fundraising and decided to support it to a certain tune. that's one of the things that so many people are saying right now is how are they going to pay for the darn thing? stand by. you'll see what's going on downtown a little later on. >> today is a big day because it's taken five months and nearly $10 billion to fight the estimated 206 million gallons of oil that have gushed into the gulf but now b.p. says the oil well that caused the worst spill
8:09 am
in u.s. history is effectively dead. here with the latest is thad allen. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> this must be a huge relief day for you. you had one of the toughest jobs ever imaginable to be part of this whole cleanup mess. today it's over, huh? >> the well is dead and there's no long are a threat to the gulf of mexico. we have a lot of work to do regarding the cleanups of the marshes and beaches. but this is a significant step forward. >> you mentioned subsea oil. i'm sure you heard that story last week that said that there's a whole bunch of oil still out there. it apparently has sunk way down to the bottom. what's going to make that disintegrate over time? >> well, a lot of different points of view and academia in the research institution abouts subsea oil. i've been working really word with the administrator of noaa to put together a massive testing plan for the gulf of mexico to try to detect these hydrocarbons in the water column
8:10 am
and do analysis on the sea floor to see if there's a issues resting down there. we have a lot of anecdotal reports coming out from these research institutions. what we need to do is aggregate our efforts together and try to take a collective look at the gulf of mexico. that's what we're planning on right now. >> if this happened tomorrow, admiral, hopefully no fatalities. if it happens tomorrow, do you think now this -- there's a system in place to cap it quickly and pretend to -- and stop a catastrophe like this from happening again? >> well, a system has been developed and was successfully deployed on the 15th of july to shut the well down. there's extensive conversation going on now between the oil companies including b.p. to capture the engineering that was done that had not been created in the gulf of mexico before this event for future recovery and response operations. it will be a shame not to lose all the technical work that went into these recovery systems and not have them available in the future. >> admiral, would you be at liberty now to give your opinion
8:11 am
on whether or not there should be a moratorium on off-shore drilling? >> well, the energy policy quite frankly a little bit above my pay rate. focusing on the response to any drilling going on there leads us back to some of the techniques that were employed to actually shut this well in. we need to move those forward. >> you have been an awfully busy guy over the last couple of months and we appreciate you dropping by. admiral thad allen, thank you very much for joining us today from our bureau. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> meanwhile, coming up straight ahead as we move ahead, the media calls him crazy karl. the tea party heavyweight turned republican nominee for new york governor. crazy carl will address his critics live when we come back oochlt we say that because they say that. >> he claims caffeine drove him to kill. now a judge will hear the case, can an overdose of soda and energy drinks lead to murder? remember the twinkie defense?
8:12 am
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>> the tea party's effect on the midterm election is already unmistakable but exactly what that effect is still being debated. >> the republicans, i think, merged with the tea party and many instances they're finding out it's the party that's knocking off republicans left and right. >> right now, they've elected a lot of people who are articulate and attractive. but it's not clear what their specifics are. >> i think the tea party movement and at this point, i think it's still a movement and not a party with an agenda has tapped into an anxiety and an anger that exists throughout the country. >> well, our next guest has the full support of the tea party movement. carl paladino is the g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate for
8:16 am
nobodying fonew york and we invited his opponent to show up on the couch as well. he declined. good morning to you. >> declined you, too. >> there on your ipad, you have your headline from "the new york daily news" last week, meet crazy carl. what do you think of that? >> i think that they're having a lot of fun. we're having a lot of fun. it's exposing the nightmare in albany. >> you know, i think when people see a headline like that and you see a politician who is not in the mold of all the other politicians particularly in this election cycle, that's a good thing. >> i'm not intimidatable, you know, i'm not politically correct. they can throw all that stuff that they want at me, i'm still coming to albany and going to take them all down, you know. >> and in fact, one of the things you would do is if elected governor of new york, you would just serve one term. >> right. >> go in there and fix it and get out. >> this is the first and last time i'm running for public
8:17 am
office, you know. >> well, you know, there are a lot of people watching from all over the country and they're thinking, well, my municipality and my state is busted, what's carl's plan? what are you going to do for new york? >> we'll cut spending 20% and cut size of the state government by that amount and the first six months, we'll cut taxes by 10% and we're going to cut taxes and spending in subsequent years. we're not capping anything. we're cutting them. it's going to get government down to size where it belongs. we're going to create an atmosphere that's accepting for jobs. we're going to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare that's been created about our -- our d.e.c. and our health department and others in government that want to perpetuate their jobs and climb all over our businesses and make it uncomfortable to expand in new york state. >> one of the reasons your message is so popular is that's
8:18 am
exactly what they're trying to do all over america. government got too flabby and too big. they're taking too much of our money. >> i don't see what everybody sees strange as that. people are speaking. they're speak as a movement. they didn't just climb off a spaceship in the woods. these are real republicans, democrats, conservatives. they are people that they want to speak out. >> right. but for a number of years, carl, you know that the republican party has been part and parcel of growing washington into this bohemeth bureaucracy and people are saying a lot of them let us down. >> yes, obama care is a nightmare. >> now you see that reflected in what the message is of the republican party as well. i understand that you are about to unveil a bunch of ads taking aim at andrew cuomo who is your opponent. i know for strategic reasons, you don't want to specifically
8:19 am
say what they're going to be. but give us a hint. >> well, we're going to deal with his professional incompetence at h.u.d. and we're going to deal with some personal things to illustrate to people that this man does not have the capability. he's got an arrogant, egotistical attitude about him that is wrong for the people. he wants to go there and he's talking about gradually raising taxes rather than -- rather than cutting taxes. he wants more the status quo. he is status cuomo. >> status cuomo. >> that's catchy. all right, carl paladino, thank you very much. he's running for governor on the republican side here in new york state. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, iranian president ahmadinejad says the future belongs to iran. challenging americans on u.s. soil. how will president barack obama respond? peter johnson jr. explains that next. and one illegal alien in georgia has the grades to go to college
8:20 am
but doesn't have the papers should she be allowed in state tuition? hear from the congressman who says no and is trying to stop her. we'll be right back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> hey, let me check out some of the headlines and let's read them together. democrats in the senate are revising the plan to give 9/11 first responders discounted health care. they'll attach the funds to a war spending bill that's up for a vote this week. a kentucky man accused of killing his wife says too much caffeine and diet pills made him do it! woody smith claims he was so reved up, he wasn't aware of his actions and was temporarily insane! smith's trial starts today. good luck. >> thanks, brian. it's that time of year when tyrants and dictators are given a spotlight on the same stage as
8:24 am
the president of the united states. what am i talking about? you got it. the u.n. general assembly. it's right here in new york and headlining the event as always is iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. so how should president obama respond? peter johnson jr. joins me now with his thoughts on this. all right, so this is sort of the forum for ahmadinejad to come and spew his ridiculousness. >> and it's a world test for america. what is the obama doctrine? is the obama doctrine about a humble restrained apologetic foreign policy where we decry our sins allegedly of the past and say as the president did in cairo in 2009 that our role is to be an equal partner in the world. at the same time, you have folks like ahmadinejad and chavez that will say the future belongs to use as if it was some nazi slogan. as if we were dealing with something in 1934 or 1935.
8:25 am
so we have mideast peace which is an issue now. we have iranian nuclear power which is a tremendous issue and we have the issue of nuclear power in the mideast generally. so does the president respond in a way a la woodrow wilson, a la progressive saying, well, we need to be humble and respectful or does obama return to american presidents in the past who assert american exceptionalism? >> let's take a look at what he said last year, september 23rd at the united nations general assembly, 2009. when our destiny is shared, power is no longer a zero sum game. no one nation should or can or should try to dominate another nation. no world order that elevates one nation or world power over another will succeed. so apparently he was saying at least a year ago that he believes it seems everyone should be equal. >> with all due respect to the
8:26 am
president, i believe that he wants the best for this country. and i think he recognizes that america is the world leader. at the same time, in order to assert our world leadership, i think you go back to what george washington would say, that to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual ways of preserving the peace and so in light of ahmadinejad and other tormentors and antagonists of the united states, it will be interesting to see how the president responds. will we walk out when we hear this kind of nonsense? will we speak out? i urge and i think a lot of americans urge that we walk out, that we speak out, and that we respond in a way that reasserts american exceptionalism and american dominance in the world. i think americans of all parties are looking for that. we're not looking for war. but at the same time, we're not looking to be tread upon in the
8:27 am
form of the united nations which that's become the place to do it. >> it's always interesting to see that these world leaders can come here and feel welcome and say whatever the heck they want. >> thank god they can but at the same time, we must reassert our american exceptionalism, reassert our place in the world and say, yes, we are humble. yes, we are respectful, yes, we are civil. but if pushed, we will respond. >> all right. peter johnson jr., hope you had a good weekend. good to see you. hurricane igor unleashing powerful winds on the island of bermuda. they didn't have a good weekend. live report when we come back. christine o'donnell getting pummelled for her personal past. now she's reacting to accusations about witchcraft. and more major league pitchers are finding themselves under the knife. the latest, steven strasburg from the washington nationals. he's only 22 and new york yankee andy petitte joins us next to explain. [ male announcer ] use it to run across town...
8:28 am
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8:32 am
began over six years ago. steve? >> meanwhile, brian, blackouts continue across bermuda at this hour after hurricane igor came ashore as a category 1 storm. rick leventhal is live in south hampton ber fewmuda. good morning. i see the winds are high and the surf is high. it's still raining. >> yeah. we're being buffeted by tropical storm force winds, bands of it and some sideways rain right now, steve, far cry from what we experienced overnight when the cat 1 winds were banging into this hotel and throwing some huge waves against the cliffs here. there are -- there were reported gusts of 93 miles per hour and sustained winds certainly above 70 but a very violent category 1. we just took a drive around the island to assess damages and saw that they did very, very well here at least at first light. there are a few trees down. there are some power lines down.
8:33 am
the biggest problem appears to be beach erosion at least along the southern coast. we went down to elbow beach, the resort there and some spots, they lost 10 to 15 deep of sand along their beachfront bar and restaurant areas and they definitely have trees down there as well. we've talked to belco, bermuda electric power company, 80% of this island is still without power this morning. roughly 28,000 of the 35,000 customers in the dark. they say they have some serious issues, considerable damage to the electrical distribution system. island wide. so that's their big concern and their big focus this morning is sending crews out and trying to start repairing the power that has been knocked out to much of this island but again, they definitely dodged a bullet, as you know, this was a cat 4 earlier in the week. to go down to a cat 1 and to do this much, we can't imagine what a 2 or 3 would have done here, steve. >> no kidding. conditions should improve throughout the day as it moves away from bermuda. there on the island, rick
8:34 am
leventhal, thank you very much for weathering the storm overnight. good job. >> sure. >> couple of other quick headlines for you now. the leader of a small california cult is being held by doctors pending a psychological exam. there are fears that she was planning a mass suicide along with a dozen members of her small church. those members were found late yesterday playing in a park. they say they never had plans to kill themselves. >> do you see me? i'm ok. my son, the dogs, everybody is ok. we eat like you guys, we drink the same soda that you do. we don't see nothing bad. >> police started looking for the group after a man reported that his wife and kids were missing. they left behind a note claiming that they would be visiting jesus and their dead relatives. >> ok. iran is now suggesting a prisoner swap with the united states, that's us, after releasing american hiker sarah shourd, iran wants the u.s. to free eight iranians suspected of smuggling weapons technology. iran proposed the swap as her
8:35 am
fiance shane bauer and josh fattal remain in an iranian prison. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crimes. and we are not spies. >> so there's absolutely nothing distinguishable of a border when they're in the area. iran's president said they should still stand trial. we'll see. >> meanwhile, an illegal alien in georgia is fighting to pay in-state tuition for college. miriam torres graduated high school with a 4.0 g.p.a. but claims she can't afford to go to georgia tech because they require that illegal aliens pay out of state tuition. here's the congressman. >> to allow to go post secondary to georgia tech in particular and pay in state tuition is a subsidy we are not required to make.
8:36 am
>> meanwhile, the georgia state legislature is set to take up the bill that would ban illegal aliens from attending state colleges. >> delaware senate nominee christine o'donnell shrugging off an old claim that she dabbled in witchcraft when she was young. >> i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? but no, there have been no witchcraft. >> the tea party backed o'donnell and has been making national headlines after she came from behind, basically and won last week against long time congressman mike castle. >> haven't heard anything about that. all right, he's worth millions signing the largest rookie contract in the history of major league baseball but steven strassberg couldn't finish his campaign without getting tommy john surgery. it's becoming a norm at all levels. is it a good idea? who better to talk about it than
8:37 am
five time world champion and living legend according to steve, new york yankees star andy petitte fresh off his comeback performance last night. welcome to the couch. >> thank you very much. good morning. >> they're saying he's the best pitcher of this generation before he had his own generation. he blows out his arm, what should we learn from that? >> well, first of all, you learn that it's just not natural to throw a baseball. i mean, to throw overhand, it puts a lot of stress on your arm and he especially when you're throwing as hard as he is. as violent stuff as he's got. the stuff he's got is great. it's not natural to throw overhand for sure. >> how can you do it? >> i already had one surgery. i had flexor tendon. it's natural. over the years, you'll end up having some kind of arm problems usually if you're a pitcher and if you pitch long enough. unfortunately, he went down in his first year. >> do you believe anything, the slider and the split-finger fastball lead to this? >> i just think everybody's body is different. i think a lot of guys can throw a split finger and they don't
8:38 am
have problems with it. some people, it gives them a lot of problems. if i try to throw a split finger it would hurt my elbow. when i tried to throw it earlier in my career, it gave me dismisst ddismissome discomfort. >> at what age should you throw those pitches? >> i think you should wait until you get into high school. my oldest, i hold him off on throwing the curveball until he's in high school. >> do you think now that i'm in my 40's, you should throw it. >> you should definitely be safe. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. i appreciate. it >> andy was talking earlier in the commercial break about the routine where after you -- yesterday, you pitched six inches. good job. >> yeah. >> then you go somewhere. what do you do to your arm? >> you ice down, you know, you get a lot of inflammation in there. it's not natural. you ice down, and hopefully get some of that inflammation out of there and start going to the process to be able to do it again in five days. >> when you say you ice down, do
8:39 am
you fill up a bathtub full of ice and water and just hang over it? >> sometimes that's what i'll do. i sometimes will put my whole body in there but also sometimes i'll just ice my shoulder and elbow. >> obviously the whole process of pitching maybe not the most normal thing for the body to go through. >> definitely not. >> let's talk about tonight. players for the first time, joe torre and don mattingly come back to yankee stadium as george steinbrenner gets a plaque in monument field, right? >> yes. it's going to be a very cool night. we found out that yesterday after the game that joe and donny are going to be there. joe hasn't been back since he's left so it's going to be exciting to see him. it's going to be a special night for us to be able to get a plaque for mr. steinbrenner he's obviously meant so much to this town and to this organization and to the yankees. it's going to be a cool night at the stadium. >> i understand that you are smelling good these days. because you're doing -- you're doing a dove for men ad.
8:40 am
>> yes. >> so tell me about it. because basically you want men to feel comfortable in their own skin, is that what it is? >> that's what it is. it's their campaign called journey to comfort. and when i was approached with it. >> look at you. >> i literally was having the last couple of years a lot of problems with dry skin. i spent a lot of time in the hot tubs, i mean, getting in the cold tanks and stuff like that. and literally this year, our team dermatologist was talking to me and he was like, have you ever heard of dove's product and i was like well, actually do something for them, you know, so started using it. it's their first men's line they've ever come up with. it's a bar and a body wash. and it's really good. i voted it for the clubhouse and got the guys using it. >> there you go. why do you smell so good? andy has got me -- >> i used to chafe! >> exactly. >> andy, this is weird for one guy to ask another. how's your groin? >> my groin is good. i feel good. >> i do. >> you know why i'm asking
8:41 am
that, you've been out for a few months because of your groin. >> exactly. it's doing a lot better. i have been out. >> i've been out for two months and i was able to throw yesterday. felt really good. didn't give me any problems so hopefully i'm over that and can feel good whenever we get to the playoffs here hopefully. >> real pleasure having you. andy petitte, wow, your hands are so supple. >> great to have you. >> they are actually. wow! >> we love this video of you and everybody else can do their own videos of their heart warming stories. >> there you go. just before we got to andy, he was watching us do the news headlines and you know that reading that stuff in the teleprompter is tough so we have some help over across the studio e. >> see if you know who this guy is. >> there we go. >> go ahead. >> coming up, what do brown bag lunches have to do with lower taxes? the republican nominee for wisconsin governor here to explain. how did i do? good. keep going! >> oh, check out this man's
8:42 am
nose! this is a real picture. why, it's making headlines today. and how can a ventriliquist salute our troops serving overseas. the story when we return. playing ) ♪ can't help it, can't help it ♪ ♪ can't help it, no no no... ♪ come on. ♪ can't help it, can't help it, no no no ♪ ♪ you drive me crazy ♪ and i just can't stop myself, uh! ♪ ♪ can't help it, can't help it, can't help it. ♪
8:43 am
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easier to book and more affordable. or, like, you can dream it and do it. lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. but you bake it, in thoven. well kraft corporation, i'm on to you. going after the grown ups and trying to muscle me out but i'm not going anywhere. [ male announcer ] kraft macari & cheese. you know you love it. >> welcome back. if you've got a nose for news, you've come to the right place. this 61-year-old turkish guy has the world's largest nose according to the guiness world records people. his schnoz measures 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip. that's large. meanwhile, check out this saucy celebration. it's milwaukee's annual tomato romp and starts with a bloody mary contest. i'll drink to that and ends with
8:46 am
a 20 minute rotten tomato fight. the idea is to celebrate tomatoes apparently in the messiest way possible. think about all the licopene, very healthy event. >> good point. the government is bloated with out of control spending and increasing deficit and wisconsin gubernatorial candidate scott walker says enough is enough. >> he wants to go back in time to a time where you didn't spend what you didn't have. he's calling it his brown bag principles and he joins us now to discuss that and the heated race in wisconsin. we should mention that we invited scott walker's gubernatorial opponent and are working to get him on later this week. in the meantime, we have you, scott. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. just down the block from lambeau field. i'm still celebrating yesterday's big victory here in green bay. >> ok. i don't love the packers. anyway, i'll continue with the interview. >> she likes the vikings. >> sorry. so anyway, you are doing well in the polls. let's take a look at the latest rasmussen wisconsin governor's race poll and has you up 51%
8:47 am
against barrett's 43%. do you think it has anything to do with your brown bag principles, what are those principles? >> sh >> sure. i grew up in a small town. don't spend money you don't have. smaller government is better government and third, most importantly these days, people create jobs, not the government. when people are scared about the economy, they're scared about losing their own job. what they want is people in office who are actually going to be genuine and credible and not spend money the way they're spending it in madison and ostae capital and certainly in washington. that's what we're for. >> the stats are showing that people voting for you are truly from the grassroots. 71% of your donations are $50 or less. that's a lot of people and it seems to be adding up. >> well, it's a lot of people doing the same thing i'm doing. they're packing their own lunch in these tough economic times or they're doing other things in their own families and own homes and their own businesses to save money and as i like to say going across our state, all of us are
8:48 am
trying to save money right now. wouldn't we like to have a government that saved money like the rest of us? we certainly don't see it today in washington and don't see it in our state capital. that's what we're talking about. when i came in eight years ago, the milwaukee county government was an absolute mess. i came in after a big scandal and a lot of people said that was a political dead end. i said somebody had to stand up and start spending money like it was their own and one of the first things i did was give back $370,000 of my money because the salary of the county executive was more than the governor. i said that doesn't make any sense. if you're going to lead, you got to lead from the top as well. and that's exactly what we've done and what we're going to do as the next governor to get the state budget under control. >> some of the people that don't agree with you, it appears at least in the state of wisconsin are the unions fortunately i understand that we are going to play part of a phone conversation one of your aides had with a member of the union. listen to this. >> you're at cambridge.
8:49 am
>> unions don't like you, i guess. >> well, the public employees union don't. the private sector ones, many do, they know we're going to create more jobs. our plan to create 250,000 jobs outside of government is a winner for working people across the state. the public employee unions much like chris christie in new jersey are upset because they know we're going to ask them to be on an even playing field. they're ready to take us on. >> that's a good comparison. scott walker, thanks so much. >> good to be with you. >> scott has all the
8:50 am
information. >> all right. thank you, scott. >> coming up next, saluting our troops overseas. there he is. >> yep, first check in with bill handler. not holding anybody else on your shoulder. >> sometimes we feel like puppets. good morning to both of you. if you don't know mike pence you will soon. he was a winner in a weekend poll of conservative voters. he'll explain why he won and what his message is in a matter of moments here. dana lash from the tea party movement reacts to christine o'donnell's comment about dabbling in witchcraft years ago in high school. she's here today. meet the woman who bagged a 13 foot alligator. she's one tough lady. you'll meet her in 10 minutes. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty.
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that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> he shot to fame when he won season two of "america's got talent. "on now ventriloqiust terry
8:54 am
fader has a huge multimillion dollar las vegas contract and he joins us this morning along with his pal winston, the impersonating turtle. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to be here. >> guy like you could travel with any animal, probably. why a turtle? >> because i'm an impersonating turtle. i'm the only one in the world. >> that's true. >> you're cute. you know what's so wonderful about you, terry, you're like t epitome of the american dream. look where you are now. making multimillion dollars performing in vegas. >> it is. it's the american dream and the amazing thing about it is it wasn't like winning the lottery. i worked for 25 years to get to the point where i was ready to go on "america's got talent" and we're using our newfound fame and fortune to help a lot of people and mostly the troops. we work with incredible organizations with our military and work at a group called snowball express who helped the
8:55 am
children of our fallen heroes. and it's amazing. >> have it on fox and most importantly i think people need to see you in action. are you ready to perform, young man? >> are you ready? >> yes. >> and you're a turtle. >> let's do it. >> winston, what voice do you want to use for this song? >> kermit the frog here. >> ok. >> ♪ i see trees of green red roses, too i see them bloom for me and you and i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ >> are you gonna sing? >> i will if you want. >> do it. >> ok. >> ♪ i see skies of blue and clouds of white
8:56 am
bright blessed days with dark nights and i think to myself what a wonderful world e the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people going by i see friends shaking hands saying how do you do? they're really saying i love you ♪ >> ♪ i hear babies cry i watch them grow ♪ >> more "fox & friends" two minutes away.
8:57 am
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